Our Story

IDMS has decorated model homes and residences in Bucks County and surrounding Philadelphia area for more than 16 years. Holly Pringle and her talented team of designers have continued to focus on developing creative and successful design strategies to assist in reaching the goals of their clients, whether that is selling their homes or renovating them. Our residential client projects range from a room to decorating an entire house. Our knowledge of construction and vast resources, allows clients to feel confident in their choice to do business with us.

IDMS understands model home merchandising, as this concept has evolved from extreme “designer house” style, to what buyers really connect with; comfortable, livable, affordable designs with a unique blending of colors and furniture styles. Our designs are revolutionary in that they lead the way in home decorating trends.

Holly has 23 years’ experience in the field of interior design. She has five years education in design and received her Bachelor’s degree from Moore College of Art. Her focus is in the Northeast and has a diversified background in retail store design, model homes, and residential design. Holly has won over 20 design awards for her creative homes. She enjoys traveling to keep up with current design trends in the industry; whether global or domestic. Holly has been consistently recognized in the industry as a leading interior designer with a distinctive style.

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