Sell Your Home Faster

Sell Your Home Faster

Our real estate services will make all the difference

You're ready to start the next chapter of your life. That means selling your house. Unfortunately, some homes can stay on the market for years, even when there's nothing wrong with them. That's why it's important to get help from Interior Design & Merchandising Solutions when selling your home. We can provide essential services to help you sell faster. Holly Pringle has extensive real estate and design experience that she'll use to your advantage.

Meet with Holly today to discuss your property and your sale timeline.

Follow these simple steps for a proper closing

We take things to the next level to put you in the best possible position to sell. When you work with us, Holly will:

Complete a walk-through of your home to provide an assessment
Have you sign a consumer notice and prepare your property for sale
Stage your property using interior design techniques
Take professional photos and establish a competitive price
List your home on sites like Zillow and
Launch a well-researched marketing campaign to gain visibility
Show a virtual home tour on social media and real estate sites
Negotiate and establish contracts with buyers

Finally, you can close on your home. Learn more about our process now by calling 267-980-3999.